Right to information (RTI) is the right that you have, as a citizen, to access information from your government and private bodies that receive public funds.

RTI is indispensable to make democratic and justice systems meaningful. Under Article 19-A of the Constitution, RTI is a fundamental right.  RTI is also considered important to empower citizens, ensure transparency, good governance, and to improve public services by facilitating public participation. In view of these considerations, the KP Government enacted the KPRTI Act, 2013 to translate the idea of RTI enshrined under Article 19-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.

You can make the RTI request (in Urdu or English) on a plain piece of paper or use the optional Information Request Form to the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the concerned department, and submit it by post, email or by hand.

The normal time limit in which the PIOs have to respond to the citizens are 10 working days. If not provided then he/she may filed complaint to the KPIC for non-provision of Information against the Public Body concerned.  

Each public body is required to appoint and designate Public Information Officer (PIO), as required by the law. Their job is to handle RTI requests and assist citizens in making RTI requests. In case no such official has been designated or in the event of the absence or non-availability of the PIO, the person in charge of the public body shall be the PIO.

If the requested Information is not provided by the public body then the citizens may approach to the KPIC. The Complaint may be filed electronically by visiting the KPIC Official website i.e. www.kprti.gov.pk or by post. The Complainant may also visit the facilitation center of the Commission for assistance and guidance. The Information Commission shall decide any complaint within a period of sixty (60) days. (Link)

No fee shall be charged for the first 20 pages of information provided, or where the requester is below the poverty line. For more than 20 pages Rs. 2/- will be charged for a single side and Rs.4/- will be charged for both sides of the Paper. (Link)

Note: Fee shall be deposited in the KP Finance Department Aaccount#C03841 (BOK). 

If the Citizens filed Complaint to the KPIC before filing a request for Information to the public body then his/her Complaint will not be entertained and will be dropped accordingly. 

Furthermore; the Commission will also rejects the complaints regarding answer papers of the examination in light of the Judgment of Honorable Peshawar High Court (W.P No. 1987 Dated 22-04-2016).

It is also noteworthy to mention here that complaints like Private Documents of the people, Premature Cases and Cases where public funds of the provincial Exchequers are not involved will also not be entertained by the Commission.