Public Bodies Proactive Disclosure

Section 5 of the KP RT Act, 2013: The following categories of information shall be duly published by public bodies in an up-to-date fashion and in a manner which best ensures that they are accessible to those for whom they may be relevant, including over the Internet, subject to reasonable restrictions based on limited resources:
S.No.DepartmentComplianceWebsite5(a) – Rules5(b) – Functions5(c) – Directory5(d) – Policies5(e) – Decisions5(f) – Complaints5(g) – Budget5(h) – Benefits5(i) – Licenses5(j) – Info Category5(k) – PIO5(l) – InformationDate
1Board of Revenue, Peshawar83.33%
2Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Peshawar66.67%
3DG Information & Public Relations Department 75%
4Directorate General of Mines and Minerals, Peshawar91.67%
5Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education, Peshawar50%
6Directorate of Food, Peshawar66.67%
7Directorate of Industries and commerce, Peshawar66.67%
8Education Employees Foundation, Peshawar75%
9Home & Tribal Affairs Department50%
10Inspector General of Police, Peshawar75%
11Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission, Peshawar91.67%
12KP Board of Investment & Trade(KP-BOIT)83.33%
13KP Information Commission-KPIC91.67%
14KP Workers Welfare Board75%
15Local Government & Rural Development  (LG &RD)83.33%
16Pakhtunkhwa Highway Authority-PKHA83.33%
17PEDO, Peshawar33.33%
18Peshawar Development Authority(PDA), Peshawar91.67%
19Population Welfare Department91.67%
20Private School Regulatory Authority, Peshawar41.67%
21Rescue 1122 HQ, Peshawar75%
22Secretariat – Auqaf, Hajj, Religious & Minority Affairs Department66.67%
23Secretariat – Climate Change,Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Department, Peshawar66.67%
24Secretariat – Industries, Commerce & Technical Education, Peshawar50%
25Secretariat – Planning & Development Department (P&D)66.67%
26Trans Peshawar (BRT), Peshawar83.33%
27Zakat Ushr, Social Welfare, Special Education & Women Empowerment91.67%