Success Story - Altaf Hussain

                                   Altaf Hussain is no more jobless

Altaf Hussain joined the Bureau of Agriculture information KP as a contract employee in the hope that his services will be regularized in future. In July, 2010 certain posts, including the post of drivers, were advertised by the department. Before the advertisement of the posts, Hussain and other contract employees were served with a two months advance notice of removal from service, in order to induct “fresh” candidates.  i.e. their blue eyed.

He challenged the decision of his department in Peshawar High Court and the Court in its decision ordered the department that the contract employees of the department should be given preference. Accordingly Hussain applied for the post of a driver and went through all the tests successfully. The list of the selected candidates, was displayed but then immediately removed, for unknown reasons.

Hussain requested for the provision of the said list which was denied by the department of Bureau of Agriculture information KP. Finally he lodged complaint with the RTI commission against the denial of his request for information. The RTI Commission directed the department, Bureau of Agriculture information KP to provide the requested information under section 3 of RTI law. The information was provided and Hussain used it as an evidence in his case in Peshawar High Court.

The High Court decided the case in his favor based on the information provided to him through the intervention of the Right to Information Commission KP.

This decision reflects the translation of the RTI law KP into a powerful tool for change.